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President's Message

Wow, are we really already into May?


Over the past 3 months we have experienced such great bonding moments via our monthly breakfast, social and mentoring events.   


The March program had quite a few heartfelt moments.  A panel of ABPW members shared their 2017 journey about their Mindful Challenge.  They shared their challenges, strength & lessons learned about not shopping for a year.  Thanks to Laurie Hall (filling in at the last minute for Amy Castro) and Renu B., Kathy V., Debra D, Beverly B., Peggy M, Linda O., & Kathy S. for allowing us to see you vulnerable.


At our April Breakfast, we shared what was on the top of our “Bucket List”.  I know we all enjoyed hearing the various excursions and of course I added a few more to my already lengthy list.  Pam Culpepper was also recognized with the ABPW Women of Excellence ,Woman of the Year Award.


Below we have highlight the next few events so please continue down the page.  ABPW is blessed to have so many talented members willing to give up their free time to support this wonderful group.  We have only highlighted those that chair the events, however there are many more behind the scenes that assist in making it happen. Thank you from not only myself but from the entire membership. Everything each one of you does makes this group so great. 


Looking forward to seeing you at these upcoming events.


Angela Bivens

2018 ABPW President   

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Community Service


Coming up is our  Social With A Purpose on May 10th.  Kelly Davis and her committee need your assistance with your time and/or donations.  There are 3 opportunities for serving - writing notes of encouragement, assisting with breaking down the pre-packs at the Dollar Tree and lastly, filling the bags at The Bridge.  We will celebrate another successful year with dinner afterwards.  Review the website and mark your calendars.  It is our hope to collect an average of $75 per member (please feel free to give more or less), this helps meet our goal of 300 bags to be split between The Bridge and Bay Area Turning Point.  This is a tax deductible donation. If you have not done so yet, we are still collecting at the May meeting or Mail to Brenda Madden.  Total so far is $3,030, the Goal is $5,000.

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Upcoming Program

Table Talk

Discussing Successes and Challenges in Business with our own ABPW Sisters !!

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"That's a Wrap" - Recent ABPW Events


Betty Phillips took to the helm as we set sail on the FantaSea Dinner Cruise. 



Pam Culpepper was the host for the February Book Club.  



What better way to capitalize on this momentum then by the fun and exciting 1950’s themed Rock & Roll Retreat.  Debra Dunn-Kurzadkowski, Trisha Barita, Lisa Darby and Lauri Hall have outdone themselves once again !!  We had a blast in our 1950's themed clothing, dancing the twist and rocking the night away on Friday night and then enjoying the very informative program put together by Amy Hart & Lauri Hall.


Our May program was very informative.  Being business owners we find ourselves arriving/departing our place of business at times when no one else might be around.  When we are not at work, members travel, frequent the theater or large sporting events, etc.  As we sadly have seen, criminals are not selective and they only have one agenda, harming others and taking what is not theirs be it material items or life itself.  Linda Tuck along with our Programs Committee has put together an Active Shooter program.  This class provided us with various possibilities should you be caught in the line of fire or maybe worse, held at gun point. 

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