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Myrna Baker Honored as ABPW's Member of the Month

Created on Dec. 3, 2020  /   1

Myrna Baker is being honored this month for her signficant contribution to her fellow Association of Business and Professional Women (ABPW) Members. Myrna Baker is the Regional Development Director of Houston Methodist Hospital Foundation.  Over the last year, Myrna has served in the capacity of Treasurer-Elect on the ABPW Board which included her being a key liason with our event facility to set up protocols for our first ever hybrid meeting during the COVID-19 Pandemic.  She has been creative and consistent with assisting our members and President Trisha Barita navigate the uncharted waters of compliance with CDC guidelines so that the organization can take steps to have both a virtual and in-person option for their monthly meetings.  At our request, she also presented a very comprehensive and informative update on the state of healthcare and the pandemic during one of our meetings.  In addition to all of these duties, she has personally spoken with and assisted fellow ABPW members this year in 2020 regarding their own personal challenges with themselves or family members related to COVID-19 or other related medical issues during this challenging time in healthcare.  It has not gone unnoticed that her presence at ABPW as a leader has become a great asset to our members on a professional level and personal level.  We appreciate and recognize all of Ms. Baker's efforts and thank her for everything that she does for the members of the Association of Business and Professional Women. 

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  1. Trisha Barita

    Jan. 1, 2021

    Thank you Myrna for all that you do for us! We are so lucky to have you!