We love our ABPW Members!

Created on Nov. 19, 2020  /   0

Look it has not been easy having to be virtual when so much of the incredible part of this group is how we support eachother usually "in person."  So during COVID-19 we engaged a "SECRET FLAMINGO FLOCKING CREW" to engage in some fun debaunchery and mischevious in hopes to bring a smile to some of our members.  Member Teresa Franklin said, "Thanks for "loving" on me in such a special way.  Kelly Railean said, "This totally made my day, my week!" and "Glad to have the support of my ABPW ladies - ya'll are the best, love to you all, and love especially to whoever flocked me!"  We cannot reveal who they are but we want to say a special THANKS to the secret crew. 

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