ABPW In the News: ABPW introduce new slate of officers

As appeared on page 34 of Clear Lake Area Community Newsletter - February 2014
(Published by Bay Area Printing)

The Association of Business and Professional Women (ABPW) introduced its new 2014 Boards of Directors during their annual Christmas Breakfast at the Hilton Hotel in December.
ABPW was founded in the Bay Area in 1981. The organization is dedicated to helping women business owners and operators grow. Members have the opportunity to network with other business women; discuss issue in the work place, and share marketing and business development ideas. The organization continues to thrive with over 60 members who have significant economic, educational, and civit impact on the community.
ABPW mission is to:
Provide an association to promote the business services & financial advancement of its members.
Encourage and support the membership to serve in positions of civic responsibility.
Provide fellowship among the membership.
Become a political force in the community by supporting local, state and national issues.
Provide leadership and educational guidance in the community.
Visit or contact Renu Bonner, 281-723-4259.

Pictured left to right are Jan Laman (Harbour Insurance), Treasure Elect; Sharon Maaz (State Farm Insurance), President Elect; Dorothy Gibbons (The Rose), Treasurer; Renu Bonner (Molly Maid of Greater Clear lake), President; Patricia Donham (Upper Bay Frame and Gallery), Secretary; Mary Fryday (Lakewood Yatch Club), Parliamentarian; Amy Castro (Innovative Communication & Training Solutions), Director; Katy Viscariello (Angelo's Pizza & Pasta), Director.
Not pictured was Diane Halloway (Halloway and Associates), Director.

ABPW In The News - Local advisor attends conference with some of America’s IRA experts

As appeared on - January 16, 2014.

Estimates have shown between 75 and 80 percent of all taxpayers will pay more tax in 2013 than they did in 2012 according to Ed Slott, a nationally recognized IRA-distribution expert.
Sharon Duncan recently completed several days of advanced training during Ed Slott and Company’s exclusive Elite IRA Advisor GroupSM workshop in Dallas, drilling deep into the complicated tax code to ensure her clients and families can keep more of their retirement savings.
Advisors were also educated on the intricacies of an IRA planning sector that makes up more than a quarter of the U.S. retirement marketplace.
“IRAs total roughly $5.7 trillion in total retirement assets across the country,” says Ed Slott, professional speaker, and the creator of several public television specials, including Ed Slott’s Retirement Rescue! “They make up one of, if not the fastest growing component of the retirement market during the past 20 plus years. They have increased 10 percent per year on average since 1990.”
Covering other recent updates such as IRS and Department of Labor guidance for year-end tax planning and the Health Care Law’s tax consequences, Duncan was joined by more than 250 of the nation’s top financial professionals.
“When we first opened the doors to Selah Financial Services in 2007, it was with the intent to educate people on just the kinds of concepts we explored during Ed Slott’s workshop,” says Duncan. “Whether it’s about taxation codes, Social Security benefits, 401(k)s, pensions, or the biggest part of our business—retirement plans and retirement planning strategies—we love what we do and try to guide clients to a gratifying retirement lifestyle.”
Duncan welcomes requests for more information about recent changes to the tax code and up-to-date information on retirement planning.